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Experience & Qualifications

Boat Driver's qualifications for the Daintree River.
Every tourist boat driver on the Daintree River passes examinations conducted by the Queensland Department of Transport. The minimum qualification to drive a boat carrying fare paying passengers is a Coxswains Certificate that is restricted to the smooth water limits of the Daintree River. It is quite a responsibility, these boats carry up to 50 passengers in tidal restricted water to tight bus schedules and a boat driver may do as many as eight 1 hour tours a day.
Almost all boat drivers on the Daintree River start off as restricted coxswains. It is normal that as the boat driver gains more experience he or she qualifies to sit additional examinations to have the Daintree River restriction lifted and that they then can drive similar boats in the smooth water limits of Queensland's waterways.

Ian "Sauce" Worcester holds the highest boat driving qualification of any boat driver working full time on the Daintree River today. He is a USL Master Class 4 (Trading) Daintree River. This means that Sauce can and sometimes does drive any vessel on the Daintree River including the vehicle ferry, night and/or day.

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