Daintree Wildlife
Time of Day - Dusk

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Daintree Wildlife photo of sunset over the river.


Since 1992 special wildlife viewing boats have been taking passengers out on the Daintree River to see wildlife. Over time these dawn & dusk trips gave Daintree a reputation for seeing wildlife that is the envy of any small tourist town and brought in many overnight guests.
By 1993 the first Bed & Breakfast in the Douglas Shire opened and today is recognised by Trip Advisor as one of the 10 best B & B's in the world. Accommodation doubled in the following years.

Daintree wildlife at dusk on the Daintree River.

There is no secret about dusk, everyone relaxes after the long day and Daintree becomes the sleepy little hollow it has always been. On the river wildlife action slows as the night shift begins. The air becomes still once more. The first night creature to be seen is a thirsty bat or two as they scoop up the freshwater on the wing near the Daintree Village. Then it maybe an indignant squawk of a night heron