Daintree Wildlife
Time of Day - Dawn

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Daintree wildlife photo of Town Reach showing the calm conditions at dawn.


Since 1992 special wildlife viewing boats have been taking passengers out on the Daintree River to see wildlife. Over time these dawn trips gave Daintree a reputation for seeing wildlife that is the envy of any small tourist town and brought in many overnight guests.
By 1993 the first Bed & Breakfast in the Douglas Shire opened and today is recognised by Trip Advisor as one of the 10 best B & B's in the world. Accommodation doubled in the following years.

The secret about dawn can be seen in this photograph of Town Reach. The air is still. At other times of the day the south-east trade winds rip through the valley shaking the foliage violently and the effect of that wind against the tide can make the river choppy and uncomfortable.  At dawn hardly a leaf moves. Wildlife calls can be heard a kilometre away. If the foliage moves an untrained eye instinctively goes to the movement and more importantly the critter that made it move.  In the calm water the wake of a swimming crocodile can be seen from several hundred metres away and so your experienced guide with his powerful binoculars and acute hearing can line up species after species. It is an unbeatable formula for successful wildlife viewing. A normal 2 hour dawn trip will nett 50 different wildlife species. Try that in the middle of the day!

Daintree wildlife dawn passengers.