Daintree Wildlife
Something really special from the world of
Ian "Sauce" Worcester
where exciting and interesting Daintree wildlife is seen and very often photographed.


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Daintree is world renown for wildlife viewing and wildlife photography. That reputation was not gained by accident. Daintree happens to be a very good wildlife venue that is easily accessed from Cairns, Port Douglas or Mossman.
Most wildlife is encountered by boat on the Daintree River and in which Saltwater Crocodiles feature prominently. Experienced guides in safe passenger boats have been taking visitors out since the Crocodile Express started operations in 1979. 

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In 1992 experienced guides with roofless boats began taking small specialist groups into the smaller tributaries of the Daintree River at the crack of dawn and late in the afternoon.

On the other side of the Barratt Creek Bridge lies a wildlife world that few people ever get to see. This is where the crocodiles nest and where the rare and secretive bird species can be found.
Prior to the time when wildlife boats started visiting the Daintree River tributaries very little was know about the crocodile bird, the Great-billed Heron. Hardly anything was known about their calls, their nesting habits, clutch sizes, juvenile plumages and even what they ate. Despite the significant geographical range of these big herons no one had been able to get close enough for long enough to observe them. At the time they were on the vulnerable species list and visiting birdwatchers were keen to see Great-billed Herons. Gradually the Daintree wildlife guides filled in all the gaps including the first ever voice recordings.

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